19 5 / 2013

The long waiting is finally over! Matched with a family and going to live in Chicago since August. 

I still have to wait 3 months to actually feel like everything is real, but this is a much more nice waiting :)

30 4 / 2013

I have an interview with a host family today! :D

I am not nervous, thought, which I think is good because it will be easier for me to talk.

Hope everything will be great!

19 4 / 2013

My au pair profile went online on July 19, 2012, exactly 9 months ago and still haven’t had interviews (at least not since october, when I had my first and last interview) Damn you Murphy, or whatever is to blame for this, I deserve going as much as anybody else, why does it have to take so long?

11 4 / 2013


Some of the pictures I took from last night concert in Asunción - Paraguay (sorry about the quality, my cellphone’s camera sucks)

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09 3 / 2013

Or at least interviews, haven’t had one since october.

Ugh, I don’t want to quit this.

Please, host families, notice me!

02 3 / 2013

The posts of this blog are usually in spanish, but not all of the Au Pairs I found in the tag are spanish speakers, so I will start writing in english.

I wanted to ask if any of you are (or were) online for more than 6 months.

My profile has been available for the families since July 19, 2012, and so far, only 1 family has interviewed me, which is really frustrating, for I’ve been expecting to travel during the year 2012.

Sometimes, I don’t know if I shoud keep waiting or just remove my profile, I’ve talked to my agency and they helped me a lot, but I think at this point there’s nothing else I can do anymore.

Am I the only one who has been online for so long? 

14 1 / 2013

El 19 de enero se cumplirán 6 meses desde el día que mi perfil estuvo online para las host families, y hasta el momento solo tuve 1 entrevista, en octubre, que no terminó en matching.

A veces este proceso de matching llega a ser muy frustrante, conocí chicas que fueron online mucho después que yo, y ya están alla, o chicas que tuvieron entrevistas horas después de estar online, se que tengo que preocuparme por mi y no por las demás, pero eso se vuelve complicado cuando esperas esto por mucho tiempo sin resultados positivos y pensás que hay algo malo contigo.

Ya hablé con AuPairCare y con mi agencia y ambas me dan la misma respuesta “se paciente, en el momento indicado va a llegar una familia” y como cuesta ser paciente!

Escribo todo esto como una forma de descargarme nada más, no voy a renunciar al programa ni pretendo desalentar a otra gente que esta pensando formar parte de él, por que, al fin y al cabo, y por lo que me di cuenta, depende de la suerte de cada persona.

19 12 / 2012


Hello, hello? Yeah, this is an official announcement about my recent extremely obsession with Dean O’gorman, and I’ll reblog A LOT of pictures and posts related to him.

So, yeah, I may become really annoying with this.



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18 12 / 2012

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10 12 / 2012

Ok, hoy amanecí medio frustrada y enojada porque casi 6 meses pasaron desde que estoy online sin respuesta, y envié un mensaje al fan page de facebook de Au Pair Care, este fue el mensaje que mandé

"Hello people from Au Pair Care! I’m Fátima Gómez and I’ve been online since July 19, 2012. So far I’ve only had 1 interview, that ended up in nothing, since the 2nd interview could never be done because both, the family and I, were having Internet problems, and they never answered back my e-mails. They’ve probably matched with another Au Pair already, which doesn’t bother me at all because, after all, is their decision. What does bother me is the fact that I have spent money and time for this program and after 6 months waiting, nothing happened yet. My question is, is there somehing wrong with my profile? I’ve been updating it since I was online, adding hours, and pictures and I’m thinking about changing my video as well, but all this waiting is really frustrating, my Local Agency has been helping A LOT, but the only advice they can give me in the end (and I can give myself) is to be patient, which is very difficult sometimes. My biggest fear is: what if I never match with a family? What else can I do besides being patient? Could you give me any other advice? I really, really want to be part of this program, but as I’ve told you before, this process is a little bit frustrating, specially knowing other au-pair-to-be friends who have only been online for a few weeks after matching with a family. Thank you for your time. Best wishes. Fátima Gómez Verdina."

En serio espero que me contesten, aunque se que de mucha ayuda no va a ser, y hay momentos en los que me arrepiento de haber enviado ese mensaje. Pero lo hecho, hecho está.